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“Re-Elect Al Gore in 2008” has become the meme du jour, and I hope the meme du next-two-years. Unlike John Kerry, Gore has learned and grown from his near-defeat. He’s not only the Democrats’ best candidate, he has the makings of a great leader. His speeches in the past couple of years have been unafraid and full of fire. And he is committed to an issue that can define the Democrats (as well as save the world).

Apparently, and understandably, he doesn’t want to go through the nightmare of a campaign again. (Remember how the media shamelessly bought into the Republican lie that he was a liar, and this when running against The Great Prevaricator?) So, what can we do to persuade him that Democrats and independents — and maybe even a couple of Republicans — will vote for him and will work for him?

(FWIW, I’ve taken the domains and I just registered them this morning and there’s nothing there yet. I don’t have any good ideas about what to do with them — it was a $18 impulse purchase. If you have an idea for how to use them constructively, let me know and you can have them…) [Tags: ]

6 Responses to “GoAl Gore!”

  1. I’d be willing to host a WordPress installation for it, and maybe find a suitable theme and replace it’s banner image with a Gore picture. But I have no content and no design skills. Anyone else willing to contribute?

  2. It looks like bradsucks is cooking something up with the site. More soon…

  3. A positive suggestion – you might use it to add to the refutations of all the lies told about Gore in the past decade – from the “Invented The Internet” smear, to the recent attacks on him for Global Warming. Gore’s always been very pro-technology, and techie/geeks should be more supportive of him there.

    However, I don’t think Global Warming is a good issue to “define the Democrats” – it’s way too disconnected from people’s *immediate* lives. Great for raising his own profile, yes – but not a bread-and-butter campaign theme.

  4. Maybe we agree, Seth, that environmental issues such as global warming are in fact more dangerous and pressing than is global terrorism. Terrorism makes bigger bangs, though. So, Gore’s challenge (and the Democrats if they go this route) is to make it clear just how urgent the environmental issues are. I think it can be done, and it sure beats out-frightening people about terrorism.

    Good idea about listing lie-busting links such as yours.

  5. Hey Dave,

    I can set up a drupal (multiple blogs, rss, forums, petitions, profiles, tons more) site. What’s more drupal has all of the components to manage (CRM) an election. Lemme know.


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