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How I saved the Internet

Sen. Ron Wyden is going to fillibuster to try to derail Sen. Steven’s godawful, sell-it-all-out, death-to-the-Internets telecom bill. Go Sen. Wyden!

By the way, my wife and I are responsible for Wyden getting elected. When we were living in Portland, Oregon for a year, Wyden was running for Congress for the first time. My wife called his office with a question about his platform, and Wyden called her back and talked for about twenty minutes. As a result, we campaigned door to door for him. So you can see why I take responsibility for every good thing Ron Wyden has done as a congressman and then a senator. The bad votes are, of course, his own responsibility.

But seriously, there is a lesson here somewhere. The little effort we put in has been paid back many many times over in the course of the career that we very marginally helped to launch. Totally worth the handful of rainy afternoons we spent leafletting. [Tags: ]

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One Response to “How I saved the Internet”

  1. With any luck, he’ll fail. I’ve outlined my opposition to net neutrality a number of times on my blog, but to summarize:

    1) If we get neutrality regulations, it will make the (US based) net a “public utility”

    2) Public utilities used for public communications get regulated in the US, period. Think TV and Radio; think “for the children” rules

    3) If you think you’ll get neutrality and no content restrictions, I suspect you also think there’s a pony under every large pile of manure.

    Seriously – legislated neutrality could be very dangerous. We’ve had a private, limited regulation net for a long time now, and the kinds of actions all the neutrality advocates fear have not happened. It’s not broke; the fix will be a very bad thing.

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