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Our new car

[NOTE: Read the note at the bottom of this post where I explain that it was our fault, not the Yaris’. Now we’ve had it for a few weeks, and we’re enjoying it, and it’s been trouble-free.]

Our ’96 Saturn bit the dust a few days ago. After seriously considering a $4000 Jetta that turned out to need $2200 in work, we bought a brand new Toyota Yaris.

That was yesterday.

This is today:

Yaris being towed

It intermittently doesn’t start. It’s as if the battery is dead, except: 1. It starts without problems sometimes; 2. It has failed to start after having been driven for 45 minutes continuously. I’m no car guy, but the intermittency of it bothers me if only because the Gods of Perverseness just about guarantee that it’s going to start fine at the dealer’s.

It’s a manual transmission, so an intermittent failure to start is particularly dangerous: Some of the people in my family have been known to stall in traffic. (Ok, me too.)

I haven’t found any serious starting issues discussed on the Web by Yaris owners, so it’s likely that this is just one of those problems things put together by humans have. And until it stopped starting (which is preferably to its starting to stop) it was fun to drive, the back seat is roomier than you’d think, and it gets 34 mpg in town and 40 mpg on the highway, if the Feds are to be believed. Not to mention that it’s red.

The dealer, Toyota of Watertown, has acted honorably about the whole thing so far. [Tags: ]

It turns out that it was totally our fault. You have to push the clutch waaaaay in for the starter to start. further than you have to push it in to disengage the clutch. What a bunch of schmucks we are. But, the dealer has been kind. I assume they are only mocking us behind our backs.

4 Responses to “Our new car”

  1. Think Short! Shorts can’t be found. Flaky electronics is always a short. When it just doesn’t work period, maybe its an open.

    Does make me long for the old days when a car wasn’t a computer, engines were not transvers, and you could reach everything without pulling the engine, or ….

  2. The dealership tried to duplicate it but couldn’t. They were very cooperative and put me in direct contact with Eric, their master mechanic. Eric even agreed to start it 20 times in a row to see if it would fail. Nope. Works like a charm.

    The most likely explanation is pretty embarrassing: You have to really press the clutch pedal to the floor to trip the “ok to start” switch. I think we hadn’t been pressing it in quite far enough.

  3. I had a similar predicament. I had a chainsaw that was running fine for about an hour. I cut it off to get a glass of water and spent about the rest of the day throwing my arm out trying to recrank it with the pull string. Turned out, you have to flip the switch flipped to on before it will start… Pretty Intuitive huh?

  4. Idk what u guys are talkin about!! i loved my toyota yars s!!!! i said loved because i was in the biggest cat carsh to days ago!! That cat is one of the safest car out there. The car is in the junk yrad cuz like like i said i’m sooo lucky to be alive!! i never had a prob with it and i had it for 4 mounths

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