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Another reason to love Open Source

Having just done a reinstall on my wife’s computer, I’ve then had the annoying pleasure of extirpating the various ways arrogant programs try to take the machine over. Norton Antivirus takes up an inch of the task bar. Real thinks it owns everything that makes a sound. Everything installs an entry to the Explorer popup.

But not Open Office, bless its modest soul. During the installation process, when it asks if you’d like it to be the default program for opening Microsoft Office documents, it clearly says:

If you are just trying out 2.0, you probably don’t want this to happen, so leave the boxes unchecked

The bigger the app, the more likely I’m going feel I’m at war with it. Except for Open Office. It’s so clearly on our side.

2 Responses to “Another reason to love Open Source”

  1. Most Open Source software is kinder and gentler. The developers assume anyone who uses their software can actually make computer decisions for themselves. In the case of a lot of the commercial crap, the assumption of ignorance is valid.

  2. Wow. I’ve never noticed that with OpenOffice. Of course, this is a huge step from the old double-negative messages it would display when you tried to save a Microsoft Word Document in OO 1.0:

    “The document you are trying to save has formatting that OpenOffice may be unable to convert. Would you not like to save this file as an OpenOffice document?”

    Their new messages seem to be a clear move to the age of rational thought.

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