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Sending a text mail in Thunderbird

Aha! So, if you have Thunderbird set to compose and send HTML messages, but you want to send a single plain text message, you don’t have to redo your entire configuration. You can just hold down the shift key when you press the Write, Respond or Respond All button. Details here.

And, by the way, if you do want to change the default from HTML to text or vice versa, the switch is in Tools > Account Settings, not in Tools > Options, for reasons that I’m sure make 100% sense to very smart people. On the Composition & Addressing panel, there’s a check box for “Compose messages in HTML format.” [Tags:]

3 Responses to “Sending a text mail in Thunderbird”

  1. nice

  2. Thank you! It would be nice if that information came up when you type in “plain text email” into the Thunderbird “no” Help pages… :-) Once again, thank you, that information is just what I was desperately looking for.

  3. You can also choose Options > Format > Plain Text Only while you’re composing a message if you forget to do this when you start.

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