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One Web Day – Invitation, Celebration, Gratitudination

Can’t you just smell One Web Day in the air? I know I can’t. But nevertheless, this is the big day. So celebrate the Web, and try to make it a little better for us all. Then let OWD know what you’re doing by posting a photo of what you’re doing and tag it “onewebday2006.” And use that tag for whatever you contribute to the Web in the name of OWD today. [Disclosure]

At the Berkman Center at 12:30, we’re have a little party. You’re invited. We’re going to talk about the Web’s value to each of us. Then we’re going to make a video thank you card (and a paper analog) and drop it off at Tim Berners-Lee’s office. Sir Tim is at an event in London where, by the way, where OWD’s thank you will be conveyed to him officially, although that may be a secret.

Here’s what I think I’m going to say during my allotted seconds on the thank-you video:

Thank you, Sir Tim, for not keeping even a little tiny bit of the Web for yourself. Because of that act of generosity, a billion people have been able to engage in the little acts of generosity called links that together are making a better new world.

Something like that.

PS: Here’s the BBC’s coverage of OWD. [Tags: ]

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  1. David,

    I just cited you in the Opinity blog about Earth Day because I’ve decided I’m far too cynical to have a balanced opinion about something like this.

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