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Yahoo’s anti-DRM stance – If it’s a stunt, I still like it

Hiawatha Bray has a good article in The Boston Globe about Yahoo’s anti-DRM general manager of online music, David Goldberg. Yahoo is offering the new Jesse McCartney CD for the usual $9.99, but without DRM. If I had even the slightest interest in Jesse McCartney, I’d be girlcotting it. But I like what Goldberg says. [Tags: ]

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  1. This is actually a comment on “girlcotting” as a tactic (I missed the original post): I don’t see how rewarding “good” speech is any different from punishing “bad” speech. If there are two car dealers in town and I girlcott the one who posts “God Hates Fags” placards on his lawn because I support his views, how is that different from boycotting the other because he has a rainbow sticker on his bumper? Both of them create incentives to conform one’s political speech to the majoritarian (or majoritarian-weighted-by-wealth) position.

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