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From Maastricht

After a very long trip, I arrived at the MarktPlein conference in Maastricht last night at 6pm. So, I have a jet-lagged impression of the place based on a fifteen minute schlepp from the train station to the conference hall. The brief version: Twisty old streets. Broad river. Bikes, not cars. Good beer. Dutch people everywhere. Conclusion: I’m ready to move here.

The conference is on “Markets are conversations” and all around the hall they’ve stuck sheets, each with a different thesis from Maybe it’s just the jetlag, but my first impulse is to scribble wiseguy comments on them. If only I were Rageboy…

2 Responses to “From Maastricht”

  1. David, you did a good thing here in The Netherlands. It was a pleasure being your host. And after 1,5 days of turning the “Markets Are Converations”-theme inside out and turning it in many different directions, it really was a revelation hearing you.

    On the way I found a nice blog too ;-) Confronting the crowd with only the filled in blanks of the former DOEP wasn’t fair however. The explainations of the new nouns (as alternatives to markets) are sometimes interesting themselves ;-) Keep up your good work. I look forward to you new book.

  2. Wim, thank you for having me! It was a pleasure to talk with you and with the attendees. Not to mention the pleasure of seeing a little bit of Maastricht.

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