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Computer Gaming World goes meta

Computer Gaming World after many years has dropped its numeric reviews. Instead it reviews in prose. But, probably in response to reader complaints, it has recently re-introduced numeric reviews…just not its own. Reviews now include the numeric reviews given by other other publications. Thus does CGW climb the meta-tree, aggregating information even from competitors. [Tags: ]

5 Responses to “Computer Gaming World goes meta”

  1. I like how EDGE gaming magazine incorporates their 1 to 10 reviews. They’re in about 5 pt type at the end of the page or more of text making up the review. They’re there, just not emphasized.

  2. It may be unaware to many that pretty much every magazine ever (except Consumer Reports) is dependent on advertisers. Thus not wanting to make them made are challenged to give accurate reviews. Harshly criticize a big company they may pull the plug.
    Harshly criticize a small company who cares, they don’t advertise with us anyhow.

    Still the reviews help me and Im sure others decide as do video releases. Like I just watched a release of Crysis and was blown away with its realistic look and feel. However the back and forth bobbing motion drove me crazy in FEAR, it looks like Crysis uses it also.

    I couldn’t even finish the FEAR SP mission it made me so annoyed. If Crysis has it, I guess Ill just have to wait for BF3 or HL3 or Stalker. I don’t know about you guys but when I walk my head doesn’t appear to move back and forth to me.

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