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John Palfrey’s awesome outlining software

I believe the software John Palfrey used at the BeyondBroadcast conference is MindMap. It combines outlining with superslick presentation quality. There’s an open source outliner that some compare with it called FreeMind, but on a quick look, it doesn’t seem to be nearly as slick…but it’s free and open source. [Tags: ]

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2 Responses to “John Palfrey’s awesome outlining software”

  1. Isaac says (via Colin) that it’s MindManager X5 (which may be the same thing).

  2. An other comprehensive outliner software is Memomaster 4. It is fully compatible with your Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, RTF, etc. documents, supports the writing of code snippets (syntax highlighting), the monitoring of the clipboard (automatic memo generation), sending of emails, referencing, tax calculation, word counting and many more.

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