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WSJ is mistakenly interesting

Todays daily email send from the WSJ that announces which articles they’ve deigned to let bloggers link to includes one that says:

In a move with echoes of the past, Sen. Hillary Clinton is expected soon to name Cheryl Mills, one of the lawyers who defended her husband against impeachment, as general counsel of her presidential campaign.

The subject line of the message is, however, far more eye-catching:

From Hillary Clinton Picks Heather Mills as General Counsel

Or has Hillary picked General Mills for Heather Counsel?

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Apropos of nothing, RageBoy in an email reports that the title of Chapter One of The Psychology of the Sopranos: Love, Death, Desire and Betrayal in America’s Favorite Gangster Family, byGlen O. Gabbard, is “Bada Being and Nothingness.” Gotta love that existentialist humor.

While we’re avoiding the apropos, here’s the opening joke told by the head of the division of Hilton hotels that brought me in as a speaker yesterday:

The front desk gets a call from a distraught customer. “I can’t get out of my room,” says the customer.

“Just use the door, sir.”

“There are three doors. I don’t know which one to use.”

“Try all three.”

“Well,” says the customer, “One leads to the bathroom. Another leads to the closet.”

“So it’s the third door.”

“I’m afraid to open that one.”


“Because it has a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on it.”

I’m sure the semioticians could use this to illustrate some point about the signification of signs, although I don’t know what the full oticians would make of it. In any case, Bada Being!

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