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PR at its finest

Just when you thought the Anna Nicole Smith affair had brought out the worst in our media institutions, along comes this hard-hitting press release:

What do former playmateAnna Nicole Smith and Godfather of Soul James Brown have in common? No, Brown didn’t father Smith’s child (at least as far as we know.) But even if they didn’t get together in life they share the same problem in death — their embalmed bodies are trapped in legal limbos. And both could have been resting in peace by now if they’d had Online Safety Deposit Boxes from

Yes, the death of a minor porn star who left behind a tiny infant is just the right marketing opportunity for a classy joint like KeepYouSafe. Well branded, suh! [Tags: ]

7 Responses to “PR at its finest”

  1. Classy, indeed. And you won’t want to miss the company exec’s non-apology apology, which he posted to my blog item about the subject. Here:

  2. Anna Nicole Smith did not do porn. She was in Playboy early in her career, but that’s hardly being a porn star, minor or not.

  3. i aggree dave. anna nicole wasnt a porn star

  4. I just IMDB‘ed her. She never “crossed over” to become an actual actress. She went from soft-core porn to pop porn self-parody.

    If you don’t want to call getting naked and having simulated sex for Playboy “soft-core porn,” what would you call it. “Erotica”???

  5. She def. did porn i have seen it posted on

  6. Anna Nicole Smith DID do port, I saw it many times, clear as a bell, absolutely not doubt it was her. Full penitration in the movie so anyone saying she didn’t do porn has no idea what there talking about. SHE DIDtnetly ole

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