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I woke up yesterday morning with this cartoon in mind. I didn’t dream it. I just woke up with it.

8 Responses to “Cartoon”

  1. That’s… disturbing. Both the cartoon, and the fact that you woke up with it in your mind.

    Funny, yes – but still disturbing.

    Today, I woke up with a crystal clear image of a Mars bar in mind. Not nearly as interesting, but just as conveniently Freudian. Or maybe I just wanted a Mars bar.

  2. Ophidians unite!

    Should I make a joke about some kind of inverse Laocoon Complex?

  3. I’m sure that python dreams are meant to be interpreted. Perhaps you should compile a list of other people who have had similar dreams, and put together a 12-step debugger.

    (So, is that two small pythons inside one larger one, or is the third one inside the second one?)

  4. as melanie safka would say ‘if it’s longer than it’s wide…….glory glory psychoterapy’

  5. writing any parallel python codes lately?

  6. Clearly, you need help. Here:

  7. Python dreams ARE interpreted ( :-)

    I just hope this won’t bring the wrath of the Python community upon thee… :-D (actually I’m sure they’ll adopt the painting, they are – all in all – very good people)

  8. This article is interesing but remember dreams not always have to mean something.

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