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Google Docs and CSS: Why not?

I’ve been using Google Docs to write documents that are collaborative. It’s a good first gen product, and I enjoy using it, but it would take a giant step forward if it let me apply a CSS style sheet to the docs I’m composing.

This is such an obvious idea that there must be something obviously wrong with it. [Tags: ]

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6 Responses to “Google Docs and CSS: Why not?”

  1. Here’s another “why not?” idea I had regarding Google Docs.

    The problem:

    The function “send this page to a friend” is usually not usable because the sender has to remember (or copy paste) the address of the friend.

    The idea:

    If a person is at a Google Docs document AND is logged in to her Google account, the Gmail address book is available for sending the link to her contacts.

  2. Then it’d be cool like MySpace!

  3. I completely agree. I have requested this feature via their help. What would also be sweet is if the output of Google Docs was XHTML 1.0 (or even better 1.1). I’ve noticed <font> tags in the markup.

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  5. The amount of stuff you could do with CSS would be limited unless they provided a way to set the class names on things. That UI would be non-trivial.

  6. Mark, limited would be better than nothing.

    And, if Google opened up Docs, I bet some clever and generous people would do the non-trivial work of adding a way of classing elements.

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