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Some would say…

Here’s a YouTube of Katie Couric’s negative questions in her interview of John and Elizabeth Edwards, including her cowardly use of the “Some would say…” locution. Take some responsibility, Couric!

On the other hand, Couric’s husband died of colon cancer at age 42. Who knows what’s going through her mind.
Here‘s a six-minute clip of the interview; I found it moving. Here‘s Elizabeth answering Couric’s question about “staring death in the face.” Here‘s Couric saying she was moved by the Edwards’ initial announcement of the return of Elizabeth’s cancer. (Disclosure: I’m doing a little volunteer work for the Edwards’ campaign.) [Tags: ]

6 Responses to “Some would say…”

  1. Earlier this AM, had a story which vaguely said that CBS had challenged the Edwards about their campaign plans.

    I see now that Nora Ephron has a post there that does justice to what I would call an episode of cringe tv:

    I kept waiting for John or Elizabeth Edwards to ask her who “some people” were exactly, but they didn’t. They cheerfully answered her questions. Elizabeth Edwards said, “We’re all going to die.” And: “I pretty much know what I’m going to die of now.” She said that on hearing that her cancer had recurred, she realized she had a choice — to go on living her life, or begin dying. She said she had chosen to go on living her life. Katie Couric looked at her as if someone had set off a stinkbomb in the room then asked another “some people” question, this one about whether the Edwardses were “in denial.”

  2. Man that clip comes off so smarmy and rotten.

  3. For those interested, the comments people are making to the Ephron piece at Huffpost are almost universally thoughtful and insightful. Quite a contrast from the usual hateful blather from some.

    Makes you want to turn off the tv.

  4. > Take some responsibility, Couric!

    For real? I wouldn’t expect her to. This is the person who not only lowered the bar for evening news anchors, she threw it out with her ‘oh me oh my what should I say at the end of the newscast, everyone?’

    Couric is a first-rate presenter, but she’s no journalist.

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