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Media revenge

Dave Winer writes, “I want a checkbox that tells MSNBC that I don’t want any more Virginia Tech stories.” Exactly. (He’s making a point about checkboxes, not about Virginia Tech.)

In fact, for the past few weeks, as a part of my “stump” speech, I’ ve been showing a screen capture of USA Today‘s redesigned site. It includes a button you can click on to give a Digg-like thumbs up to an article. Great, except, um, where’s the thumb down? We want to be able to say to the Britney or Justin or We-Should-Teach-Our-Students-Judo article “No no no no no no no no.” We want to tune our news. But we also want our revenge. [Tags: ]

7 Responses to “Media revenge”

  1. I know – enough already about nationalizing big oil, too!

  2. Yes, I know – I will vote, work for, and make love to, the next candidate who mentions that one!

  3. This relates well to the well-worn notion that “users want ‘their’ content, not ‘your’ content.” If you’re half-out of the old mindset, you think that giving people a way to subscribe and get more of your content is equivalent giving them their content. But sometimes giving them their content means giving them a way to AVOID your content.

    Put another way, the best “feature” Microsoft ever added to Office was a way to dismiss that damnable talking paper clip.

  4. Not only do I want only “my” content, I want it sorted according to my notion of its importance. If I have 7 minutes to cruise the news I’d better be seeing the WRC silly season gossip at the top and the Prez’s latest content free babbling at the bottom.

    amen on the paperclip. it was just plain ole creepy.

  5. There’s something like a homophily problem in here somewhere. Not to be a crazy, but maybe responsible media needs to tell you about things you don’t want to know about now and then.

    For example, two relatives of my wife’s were at Foxwoods (a casino) on September 11. If you can believe it, Foxwoods made no announcements or otherwise broke stride; they didn’t learn about it until the evening. Yes, they wanted to “get away form it all,” but…

  6. I can believe almost anything, except the dream I had last night, whooo–I was like ten feet tall!

  7. Dude, you’ve got some serious Chinese spam.
    Is your current stump speech online anywhere?

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