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Vista for gamers: A charitable assessment

Games for Windows magazine (formerly Computer Gaming World) has a frank article about the strengths and weaknesses of Vista as a platform for games. GFW is independent of Microsoft, yet when it comes time to give the overall rating, it pulls its punch. The article reports that many games run more slowly (albeit they didn’t compare on equivalent hardware…but why didn’t they?) and that whole bunches of games just don’t run. If any particular game had as many bugs and glitches, they’d drop the rating below 5 (out of 10). Instead, they give Vista 8 out of 10 as a gaming platform.

If you’re a gamer, ignore the rating and read the article. You will not be tempted to “upgrade” to Vista. [Tags: ]

5 Responses to “Vista for gamers: A charitable assessment”

  1. A link to the actual review rather than the front page would be handy (that’s one busy page).

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  3. Phil, I didn’t find a copy of the article online, so I couldn’t link to it. OTOH, I didn’t look all that hard.

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