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Salon’s “Miscellaneous” interview with me

Scott Rosenberg, co-founder of Salon and the author of Dreaming in Code, has posted at Salon an interview with me about Everything is Miscellaneous.

At his blog, Scott adds some “out-takes” from the interview, and recommends the book. [Tags: ]

5 Responses to “Salon’s “Miscellaneous” interview with me”

  1. David:

    What is the value of consensus in discerning the laws of science? That seems to be the Gore’s main selling point for his estimation of “Truth.”

    If it’s really a matter of “You take your slice of the data, and I’ll take mine,” doesn’t consensus building restrict this effort to new analyses?

    In the early 20th century, the consensus was that the structure of DNA was too simple to play a role in the storage and transmission of genetic traits–it had to be wonderfully rococo protein doing this. Oswald Avery who first reported evidence that DNA was the genetic carrier, lost his bid for a Nobel Prize because his theory was considered absurd.

  2. Do we use verifiability, falsifiability, or plain predictability. I’ll take predictability (probability), for all depends upon how thin the slice is. Science must conform to ergonomic efficacy, lest it be but wistful musing.

  3. Scientific knowledge is consensus, but not truth.

    Scientific progress is controversy, but not falsehood.

    We make the best tools we know how, and then we try to make them better, through bettering our knowledge.

    Toolmakers and sages simply hate change.

    Dogma is seductive in its stability.

    Science is dangerous in its superiority.

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