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Setting up Google Talk in Pidgin

Pidgin (nee Gaim) is an instant messaging client that lets you combine AIM, Yahoo and Google messages. I spent too long this morning trying to get it to recognize Gtalk.

Google has a page describing how to do it. That may work for you. It doesn’t work for everyone, including me.

Next step: Read the “troubleshooting” paragraph at Manast’s post on the topic.

At this point I started getting SSL error messages. But, after installing OpenSSL, it’s now working.

Yay for Open Source! [Tags: ]

3 Responses to “Setting up Google Talk in Pidgin”

  1. Note: No Voice interop yet. It’s all text only. Sigh.

  2. Well its easy, use the same thing as the google page told you, and go on Advance tab (where you add your info) and put as the Connect Server, have fun

  3. sigh. I hope voice comes out soon

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