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May 19, 2007

Another reason to support Radio Open Source

The show followed up its interview with Christopher Hitchens with one with AKMA. Support Radio Open Source! [Tags: ]

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Congratulations to the Knight winners

The Knight Foundation News Challenge has spoken to the tune of $12M in grants, and two — count ’em, two — projects sponsored by the Berkman Center are among the winners. Global Voices got a $244,000 two year grant to support its outreach program, and the Citizen Media Law Project got funded to help citizens do better journalism. Ethan‘s got some excellent bloggage about all this, as does Doc.

Hearty congratulations to all the winners. Lots of good projects now will be able to advance. [Tags: ]

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Word Press 2.2 caveats from the Free Range Librarian

Karen Schneider, the Free Range Librarian, has intensely practical notes on how to get your Word Press 2.2 upgrade to go relatively smoothly.

Number one on her list: “If your ISP offers “one-click upgrade,” STOP. Don’t just press that button! Read the WordPress upgrade instructions end-to-end and then proceed with caution.”

Thank you, Karen.

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May 18, 2007

Road weary

Here’s how tired I am of being on the road: I’m actually looking forward to jogging tomorrow.

(I’m writing this while sitting in a broken seat on a US Air plane waiting on the tarmac for the Zodiac to wheel appropriately so that we are allowed to take off. I can’t tell the attendants about the broken seat – the frame has unwelded – because the flight is full and they’d probably kick me off. So I’ll mention it on the way out.)

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May 17, 2007

Newspaper business:” Vibrant and growing”?

The World Association of Newspapers says that the circulation of paid-for newspapers went u[p 1.9% last year, and is up 8.7% over the past five years. More than 1.4 billion people read a newspaper daily. 29.4% of the world’s advertising dollars went to newspapers, and ad revenues grew 4% over the past year and 15.6% over the past five years. (TV had 37.7% share, and the Net had 5.7%.)

The circulation growth (for paid-for newspapers) is coming not just from India and China. In fact, the biggest percentage growth is in South America. Circulation is down 1.9% in North America and is basically flat in Europe. Free dailies are growing rapidly — 65% growth in Europe, 17% in N. America.

The presentation is here. (Thanks to Center for Media Research brief for the link.) [Tags: ]


May 16, 2007

The Charity of Crowds helps you find charities using your social network, and uses social networking tools to figure out which charities you want to support and which ones you trust. I haven’t had a chance to play with it much, but I like the concept and the implementation initially seems promising. [Tags: ]

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Misc. Podcast interview: Arianna Huffington

The latest in my Everything Is Miscellaneous series of interviews, sponsored by the Harvard Berkman Center and Wired, has been posted. I talk with Arianna Huffington about whether the Huffington Post is what the news is going to look like as reporting itself enters the swirl of the miscellaneous. (Along the way I learn not to use the word “revenge” even in a light way with Ms. Huffington.) (Disclosure: I sometimes write for HuffingtonPost; I don’t get paid for it.) [Tags: ]


May 15, 2007

RU Sirius interview up

RU Sirius interviewed me about the book. I thought he asked good questions. I haven’t had a chance to listen (still on the book tour), but he tells me there were some technical problems with the Skype connection :( [Tags: ]


Miscellaneous samples are up

At long last, and overdue, I’ve posted the prologue and first chapter of Everything Is Miscellaneous.

Rob Paterson has posted a thoughtful review, focusing on the the themes of power and meaning, which are indeed central to the book. Also, he says he was unable to stop reading it, which purely on writerly grounds, I love to hear. [Tags: ]


Tuesday night – Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park

See you at a talk and book signing at Kepler’s Books, 1010 El Camino Real, in Menlo Park, CA tonight (Tuesday) at 7:30?


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