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O’Reilly schooled by a 16 year old

Jesse Lange totally schools Bill O’Reilly. I have to say it’s sort of fun watching O’Reilly dismiss Jesse as a “pinhead” as his only response to Jesse’s reading of the transcript O’Reilly was misquoting. But it’s more fun watching this articulate, put-together kid stand up to a bully.

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8 Responses to “O’Reilly schooled by a 16 year old”

  1. Jesse Lange is my new hero. He stood up for himself AND did not fall into the trap of a live tv broadcast. He took the time to page though the transcript, causing some dead air, and read that quote. That was great.

  2. He should start coaching some of the Democratic policiticians and others O’Reilly steam-rollers about how to reply appropriately to some / all of the crap O’R tosses their way.

  3. Video from News Hounds: “We watch Fox News so you don’t have to.”

    And I, for one, very much appreciate that!

  4. Among the many outstanding qualities Jessie Lange displayed was his composure when set up against one of the worst, most dishonorable public bullies in this country. Not only was Jessie substantively prepared and articulate in expressing himself but he did so with grace and the confidence that comes from knowing and stating the facts of the issue truthfully. How proud his parents and teachers must be and I bet that he’s considered pretty “cool” by his friends too. What a future he has. How lucky our country will be if he continues to have a public voice with such intelligence and integrity.

  5. Run for president as soon as you are old enough. I wish you were running now. You are an inspiration! I will campaign for you should you choose to go in to politics. You are the best thing that has been on t.v. in a very long time. I am so impressed!!!!!!

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