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Elizabeth Edwards vs. Ann Coulter

I feel bad giving any more electrons to Ann Coulter. But I love Elizabeth Edwards so much, that I’m doing it anyway. You see, to quote Elizabeth’s fund-raising letter, “On Monday, Ann announced that instead of using more homophobic slurs to attack John, she will just wish that John had been ‘killed in a terrorist assassination plot.'” What Coulter says to stay in the headlines strikes me as about as important as the announcement that Paris Hilton found her jumpsuit chafing.

But I can see why Elizabeth Edwards would find this worth calling into to “Hardball” about it. Coulter responded by pretending that Elizabeth was asking her never to say anything again. She also tried to say that calling Edwards a “fag” and wishing he were assassinated is ok because she strongly disagrees with his politics and thinks he’s hypocritical. Elizabeth Edwards is right.

The quarter ends June 30. Feel free to give to Edwards if only to keep a serious candidate and a decent person in the game. [Disclosure: I’ve been doing some volunteer consulting to the Edwards campaign on Internet policy.] [Tags: ]

9 Responses to “Elizabeth Edwards vs. Ann Coulter”

  1. Human beings are incredibly adaptable animals.

    Ann Coulter is demonstrating far greater fitness for the ecology into which she is competing to survive and prosper.

    She may well have plenty of rough edges left on her facade of goodness, but such unnecessary displays of vituperation that open her to criticism may actually be survival strategies, demonstrating fitness to make her attractive to partners as well as dissuading predators.

    If you needed someone who could survive and prosper in a corrupt environment, who would you choose? Someone who played fair, or someone who played dirty?

    And if you were another wolf in the same pack, who would you consider the easier to relegate to a lower rung? One with a good nature, or one without?

    The problem is with the ecology, not the creatures that are naturally selected for it.

  2. Are you kidding ? She is either full of hate and cannot get past it, or a psychopath who takes delight in attacking others. Either way, not a whole human being.

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  4. I’m quite glad my sister spells her name with an s. Not as glad as I am that my name’s not Coulter, though.

  5. I pray for a return to dignity in politics. There has got to be a better way to communicate with our government than through the interpretation of cable news pundits. A new President could really harness the energy of the blogosphere, and change they way the nation is governed.

    We’re exhuasted by the news cycle, are we not?

  6. When is Ann Coulter going to realize that people don’t listen to her? She has nothing to contribute to America, and when she speaks, all I hear is blah blah homo blah blah. Slanderous words have little effect anymore, and even less if they come from her.

  7. When is Ann Coulter going to realize that people don’t listen to her? She has nothing to contribute to America, and when she speaks, all I hear is blah blah homo blah blah. Slanderous words have little effect anymore, and even less if they come from her.

  8. Ann Coulter is a powerful driver of the rhetoric that has driven politics to this low and inhumane level. She is indicative of the attitude, “I’ve got mine, I don’t care if you ever get yours….”

    I agree with Crosbie on this, “The problem is the ecology…” she is merely a symptom not the cause, she doesn’t deserve that much credit.

    She gets rewarded for her behavior so why would she stop. I think it’s just best not to engage with her because she twists things around and responds with the exact same talking points no matter what the conversation or the question. You can’t use logic when speaking to a mouthpiece.

  9. The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those who don’t have it. Miss Coulter has that power of observation, she is smart, pretty, very clever and best of all a conservative, she is fully loaded! You people do not like the fact that Ann is a huge success and has a huge following. She does not care about political correctness and she speaks her mind, and I guess the truth hurts! I admire her, SHE GETS IT! Ann is sublime.

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