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O’Reilly hates Kos

Orcinus on Bill O’Reilly’s latest abrasion of our ability to live together. We desperately need to know when to look at people at their best, and when – the rare occasion – we need to look for their worst.

BTW, when I first saw the bloggage about O’Reilly calling DailyKos a hate site, I thought for some weird reason Tim O’Reilly was doing this. Didn’t seem very likely, to put it mildly. But it does show who is the Top Dog O’Reilly in my little universe. [Tags: bill_oreilly dailykos politics ]

One Response to “O’Reilly hates Kos”

  1. Basically the guy’s projecting. The only “hate” is his own: He hates seeing alternative views to his own flourishing.

    Meanwhile here in Chicago, we’ll be celebrating Yearly Kos with a host of interesting people and groups on Wednesday, 8/1 (6p-8p) at the Funky Buddha (Grand & Milwaukee):

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