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Doc the Elder

It’s Doc Searls‘ 60th birthday in a few days.

Sixty is old. But it wouldn’t be fitting to call Doc an old man. He’s not. Durn, he’s spry for his age!

No, Doc isn’t an old man, but he is about to become an elder. He didn’t get there just by watching the years go by. He got there by working tirelessly for the public good of the Web.

Doc thus will be entitled to the perqs given to elders:

When he talks, you look up from your damn laptop.

When in an Internet cafe, Doc’s packets get sent first. You can just wait in line, sonny boy.

Before your press the “post” button on your blog, you will now spend a few seconds thinking to yourself, “What would Doc say about this?” You will then obey your inner Doc.

If Doc gets crotchety on your ass, you have to sit there and take it. (Not to worry, though. Doc is one of the least crotchety people ever.)

I don’t care if Doc keeps linking to the same YouTube video. You’ll laugh at the end as if it were the first time.

Doc is now entitled to not reply to up to six emails a day. And he doesn’t have to let us know which ones they are.

Happy birthday in a few days, and much love now, Doc!

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5 Responses to “Doc the Elder”

  1. Amen, happy birthday Doc! I’m proud to say I knew him when…

  2. I’m enjoying being 60 even more now after reading your post. Hey, Doc, welcome to the club, young fella.

    But did you guys see Ronni Bennett’s post about the “fun” elder-hating groups in Facebook? Groups with names like “Kill the elderly”, “F*CK Old PEOPLE”, “I hate old people,” “OLD PEOPLE SHOULD JUST DIE”, and (my favorite) “If this group reaches 2000 people, i will push a old lady down the stiars” (sic). Fortunately, that last group has only 164 people in it so far.

  3. Thanks, David! Also Ruby and Betsy.

    So far so good. I don’t feel a day older. (But there are still a few hours left.)

    As for the Facebook thing, I did see Ronni’s write-up, but haven’t had time to look into it. I’m curious to see how the Facebook people handle the matter. One wonders how they’d react if the grouped hate were directed at ethnic groups rather than a demographic category.

    FWIW, I’ll bet it’s mostly the immature reaction of a few young people to the mature decision by Facebook’s leaders to make the service serve more than young people alone.

  4. kudos for the elder doc searls from brazil.
    we hear you.

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