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Adler, Keen and blogs

I enjoyed AJ Fortin’s post that trains a Mortimer Adlerian eye on blogs and those who make extravagant claims about them. (I seem to be his main example of the latter.)

And John Eischeid, who worked with NewAssignment, is starting a crowdsourced project addressing broad questions of the effect of crowds and crowdsourcing. It’s called “The Cult of the Rebuttal,” a reference to Andrew Keen’s book (which I’ve tried to explain and evaluate here), but it’s really focused on the topic, not the book. [Thanks to Andy Angelos for the link.] [Tags: everything_is_miscellaneous andrew_keen]

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  1. David,

    Just so there is no misunderstanding, I truly loved your book and found its implication nothing less than profound. I keep going back to it trying to digest the deconstructive shifts in how we make knowledge, meaning and understanding in the new world miscellaneous. Please keep up the great work.

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