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Comcast’s got your Net Neutrality right here, buddy!

Comcast users are complaining that they are no longer able to seed their torrents, so that they are unable to use the popular BitTorrent protocol to share large files. It seems that Comcast has decided that it doesn’t like that use of the Internet, so apparently they have simply turned it off.

If true, this is an example of why we need not just Net Neutrality, but Net Neutrality with teeth. [Tags: net_neutrality bittorrent comcast ]

4 Responses to “Comcast’s got your Net Neutrality right here, buddy!”

  1. Nooooo!

    Let Comcast’s customers vote with their feet.

    If they can’t because there’s a fricking monopoly then the monopoly is the problem.


  2. I’m very sorry.
    In Italy we have a complete absence of political institution about digital issues.
    Anyway we will fight with you with our blogs in defense of the Net Neutrality.

  3. Crosbie, yes the monopoly is the problem. I favor three approaches simultaneously: Require Net neutrality of those who provide access to the Internet, go back to the rules requiring the monopolists to act as wholesalers to ISPs, and delaminate the bastards.

    Marco, if you have thoughts about how we can help each other across our borders, let us know.

  4. If you can make neutrality regulation strictly contingent upon the presence of a monopoly/duopoly then it might be tolerable.

    However, once the door is even ajar to permit the slightest steel toecap of regulation then it’s difficult to imagine that you can later say “We now have four independent network providers in the market with umpteen resellers, so neutrality regulation can now be disabled”.

    Don’t open the door. Remember, there can only be one regulator, and that’s a monopoly that’s even more difficult to get rid of than a commercial one.

    Let the users revolt and demand an end to the monopoly. Use eminent domain to seize the network infrastructure if you have to. Copy AT&T->RBOC.

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