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Jeneane wonders how online and real world retailing are linking our desires across the realms.

Watching tweens on Webkinz and Bella Sara, I started wondering how smart companies will find that same sweet spot with adult consumers—a place where real-world point-of-sale drives the online experience.

This sort of borderless transaction is one-way when it comes to information — the article you read in the paper leads you online, but once online you’re unlikely to have to resort back to the real world. Retailers clearly would like two-way relationships. And, as Jeneane says, they’re going to come up with every reason they can to get us get our passports stamped. [Tags: jeneane_sessum marketing retailing business ]

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  1. I can’t help but think that this is an extension of the marketer’s mentality of “owning the customer.” Such a mentality comes from the idea that mindshare translates to marketshare, and even more insidiously, “walletshare,” that is, the percentage of your wallet that goes to them. The cynical thinking is that if the company “owns” you as a customer, they will, ipso facto own your mind, your share, and your wallet. In constructing these physical-cyber crossover marketing programs, they hope to increase their ownership.

    What they don’t realize is that customers are becoming increasingly more resistant to being “owned,” and that participatory marketing, or relationship marketing, really has more to do with inviting customers into the marketing tent (as it were) and truly being open to their participation, beyond customer sat surveys and focus groups.

    There is far more to developing a trust relationship between companies and their customers than merely creating more complex, multi-modal transactions.

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