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Terry Heaton on Yahoo Consortium

Terry Heaton explains and evaluates in some depth the Yahoo! Consortium deal that has them partnering with 400 local newspapers:

I come away with the conclusion that the newspaper companies get something, but Yahoo! gets more. The gamble that the industry is making is that their piece will be sufficient to justify what they’re giving to Yahoo!, and on that question may rest the future of the industry as a whole. It’s a gamble, because Yahoo! is actually a competitor, so it is a very big question indeed.

That’s just the overall conclusion. Terry makes the details lucid.[Tags: yahoo newspapers terry+heaton media everything_is_miscellaneous ]

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  1. Since Heaton relies so substantially on the “Creative Destruction” report from Shorenstein, I’m compelled to note that it is wildly at odds with our experience and traffic measures of newspaper websites. I write about it here.

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