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What would Karl Rove have done?

What political genius decided to have Bush announce Gonzales’ resignation at a podium surrealistically plopped in the middle of a huge, empty expanse?

You might as well have posed him next to a duck on crutches [Tags: ]

5 Responses to “What would Karl Rove have done?”

  1. Also: whatever happened to releasing bad news at 5pm on Friday afternoon to minimize the number of people who actually paid attention to it?

  2. Friday afternoon is still Trash Day for your ordinary embarrassing announcements. Super toxic industrial strength embarrassments are now announced on the first day of a two week Daily Show hiatus. See Libby, I Lewis: commutation.

    It’s one thing to read about it in the paper (or not), quite another to have Jon Stewart read it to the nation. Times change.

  3. I think that one of the most foolish things Gonzales said was that he lived a better life than his father, thus trivializing his fathers achievements due to his blue collar background. Pretty elitist and dumb move.

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