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Republican gay bashing

Like every other Republican senator who’s espoused “family values” and then been caught having adulterous affairs, Larry Craig is a hypocrite. If you’re a straight hypocrite, the Republican power structure winks and moves on. Craig is being denounced and driven out of office because his attempted liaison (and please insert the word “alleged” in various spots in this paragraph, if you prefer) was homosexual.

Why is this level of anti-gay hysteria acceptable even among Republicans? [Tags: larry_craig senate politics gay ]

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7 Responses to “Republican gay bashing”

  1. Why? Because the GOP has made gay bashing a cornerstone get out the vote issue.

  2. If you actually read any of the conservative sites around, you would have found that:

    — about half wanted him to go, based on his “do you you know who I am?” ploy with the cop, or on his changing of position on whether he was guilty of anything

    — the other half thought he was being railroaded.

    Meanwhile, the level of glee and gay baiting evident on sites like Eschaton and Daily Kos was kind of amazing.

    I think you need to expand your view a little, because the idealogical blinders you wear are too constricting.

  3. I don’t find any glee in seeing further proof that the moralistic right has managed to define traditional marriage as closeted married men having anonymous sex in bathrooms.

  4. I think it’s more that he plead guilty to a crime, but then later proclaims his innocence. He had his day in court and made his choice. If he had plead innocent and was convicted maybe it would have played out differently. *shrug*

  5. As much as I like reading your writings David, I do agree with James’ “idealogical blinders” comment. On politics you can blinded by your biases.

  6. IMHO, there’s no shame in “idealogical blinders” that cause anyone to be biased against gay bashing done by Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Socialists, Communists, fundamentalist Christians or any other flavor of human beings.

    The Republican Party, as a leading social and political force in our country, liked Craig when he was against gay rights and booted him unmercifully when he appeared to be gay. They seem to me to be not so much hypocritical as cruel.

    Personally, I felt no glee at Craig’s fall from power, deplorable as his voting record is. Color me a bleeding heart liberal, but my strongest reaction to the whole sordid affair — including the MSM’s excessive coverage — was a great compassion for the pain he must have experienced over his whole adult life due to hiding his true nature because of the repressive society he was brought up in.

  7. I guess I missed the gay baiting on left-wing sites.
    Right-wing sites are one thing, but it’s the reaction of the Republican party leadership itself that invites cynicism: for example, Vitter is okay, because the statute of limitations ran out on admitted daliance (with a woman), while Craig is out because he pled to a misdemeanor (with a man). It has been suggested that Craig’s additional serious offense might be his previous suggestion that he might not run again; in a state with a Republican governor, booting the senator will allow an interim appointment of someone who can get a running start on an actual election.
    Good for the right-wingers who think that Crag was railroaded; perhaps we can distinguish them from other Republicans with some honorable appellation.
    Like “conservative,” for example, or even “principled.”

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