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Bioshock: Most immersive game ever?

I’m only a little bit into Bioshock, but so far it’s the most immersive game ever. It’s game play may turn out not to hold up as well, but as of now, it’s actually got HalfLife2 beaten. It plops you rather literally into a utopia-gone-sour created by a suave visionary named Andrew Ryan (who, I’ll bet, is as to Ayn Rand as Howard Roark is to hard work). The graphics, the sound, the voice acting, the settings — post-WWII sf — all work to make the city feel like there’s an entire world behind it.

I’m still just warming up. It may get tiresome or disappoint in any of the ways that games, narratives, and computer programs can disappoint. But so far, it’s swell. [Tags: ]

3 Responses to “Bioshock: Most immersive game ever?”

  1. It’s an amazing game, and holds up all the way through. It feels great to have such thoughtful and creative design come out of a video game.

  2. I’m looking forward to writing a review of this game myself, having completed it this past weekend (I’m a FPS n00b and also methodically OCD about games). Anyway, I think you’ll really enjoy the plot twists, and I look forward to talking about the spoilers when you get there ;)

  3. It could have been better though. It was very immerse but its too easy with vita-chambers.

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