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British Airways blocks BoingBoing

In the British Airways lounge at Heathrow, If you use their free computers to connect to, you instead get a page that says it’s been blocked. Here’s a copy-and-paste of the page (because the PC has been crippled so that, among other things, I can’t do a screen capture):

Internet Access to this site
has been BLOCKED

British Airways Plc prohibited website information

Airways has blocked access to certain Internet sites which may be considered
to be illegal or offensive. This site is currently on the barred list.We
understand that the Internet changes constantly and that the decision
in respect of this particular site may no longer be appropriate. If
you would like us to review the decision to bar access to this site,
please give the website URL and a contact e-mail address to a member
of staff at the Lounge Reception. The response will be written confirmation
that either the ban on this site has been lifted, or that the site continues
to contain material that is inappropriate and, therefore, the bar on
access will continue.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Date/Time: 2007-09-28 – 07:29:54
Category: “Nudity;Personal Pages”

5 Responses to “British Airways blocks BoingBoing”

  1. Yes. This from a long-running blacklisting of Boing Boing by censorware company “Secure Computing” (it’s clear from that screen that British Airways is using them).

    Also see my somewhat connected _Guardian_ column:,,2091306,00.html

  2. more interesting is the category the filtering company uses for boing boing – “personal pages.” (i’m ignoring the nudity one).

    They have lumped ALL BLOGS into that category. Boing Boing is anything BUT a personal page! It’s more a news site… how interesting.

  3. The Halifax airport seems to block things based on an almost realtime scan of the pages themselves for “bad” words. I could sometimes get to Craigslist and MetaFilter and sometimes not depending on which pages I was trying to load.

  4. This is something you want to make look into more deeply. Not British Airways, but the categorization of ‘personal pages’ as something that ought to be blocked. This has nothing to do with the content at all, but is essentially a characterization of a page as ‘non-commercial’, and hence, something tat should be blocked from being viewed.

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