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Trivial crowd sourcing project – The death of a technology

It might be sorta interesting to aggregate when people last saw a presentation that used an overhead projector (acetates, the heady smell of marker…) and in what domain.

And while I’m being trivial, we need a word for the sense that you keep getting the same captcha codes (the “Please type in this code so we know you’re a human” codes). [Tags: crowdsourcing overheads technology ]

10 Responses to “Trivial crowd sourcing project – The death of a technology”

  1. I have received, within the past 48 hours, a speaker request for an overhead projector for her presentation at an event. The speaker has her doctorate and is a tenured professor at a private university in New York City. No other speaker has made this request of me in the past five years. Just saying…

  2. Last year at University of Chicago, the Center for International Studies put on a workshop for K-12 teachers on epidemics. One speaker had both a powerpoint and an overhead projector going at the same time, sometimes with the same info. You can catch a glimpse of the weirdness here:

  3. Don’t know if you follow my twitterstream, but I suggested déjà posé for that captcha thing – like déjà vu only with poser un question

  4. Wouldn’t it be Dejaview, seeing the same thing over and over? Huh, sounds like TV.

  5. I saw an overhead projector presentation being made by a professor today, in an undergrad lecture theatre at the University in Jonkoping, Sweden (where I’m teaching this week). Not sure what the subject was. My Swedish ain’t that existent!

  6. Apophenia. No, really.

  7. The local vocational high school here uses overheads from time to time. My pal the local public defender used it for a class she was teaching about civil liberties.


  8. Well, I pushed one back into the corner of a shared classroom yesterday. Don’t know if getting it out of the way so I could use the overhead projector hooked up to the laptop counts as “using” it, though.

  9. in my sister’s class they use overheads also from time to time.. mhm
    best regards ;)


  10. I’ve been working hard to remove the bullets (and bullet holes) from slide presentations. And I’d also like to remove the computer as well. That would leave … foils and damned few of them. And might yield a nice, quiet, conversation. Thoughts?

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