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The miscellaneous is making my eyes bleed

You know what’s not helpful? A bill from AT&T that spreads across 56 pages of tiny print the information that explains why my bill is twice as high this month as usual.

You know, if they organized their information in a useful way (which is actually what my sense of the miscellaneous is about), I might even be able to tell that I should up my plan and pay AT&T more money every month. So, how about fewer lists of data — I don’t really need to know about each and every text message our children send — and perhaps some notifications of where my usage has swerved off the norm?

Who designs these bills? Squirrels? [Tags: ]

2 Responses to “The miscellaneous is making my eyes bleed”

  1. Our own newly elected senator, Amy Kloubachar (sp?), is sponsoring legislation to make cell phone companies make their plans more coherent to normal people and to fix some of the other abuses they foist on people. Yeah, Amy (D-MN)!

  2. Squirrels are busy this time of year gathering nuts and fortifying nests for the coming winter. At other times they chase each other all over, jump wildly from tree to tree, and deftly wiggle around tree trunks so you never see them even when you know they’re just on the other side.

    They do not design telephone service bills.

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