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When satisficing is good enough

After years to talking about our move to “good enough” information, I’m just a little late to learning that Herbert Simon coined a term for this phenomenon in 1957. Yes, it’s the fiftieth anniversary of “satisficing.”

I found this via a very interesting blog post at Just Communicate by a knowledge management grad student who, in the course of discussing the wisdom of Cory Doctorow’s Metacrap article, also points to a post by Steven Bell at the Association of College & Research Libraries blog, on using social sites to move good enough research beyond good enough. [Tags: satisfice herbert_simon everything_is_miscellaneous cory_doctorow just_communicate ]

2 Responses to “When satisficing is good enough”

  1. A friend of mine wrote this summary of a book called Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge by E. O. Wilson a few years ago:

    How much knowledge is enough? The role of satisfice in decision-making

  2. Is ‘satisfiction’ the noun from ‘satisficing’?

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