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No purchase necessary…but login is requires you to register with them before you can check the code under the cap. Is that even legal? Well, yeah, it probably is since Coke can probably afford to hire a lawyer or two. But it’s bad marketing. Well, it’s probably good marketing since Coke can probably afford to hire a marketer or two, but it annoys me.

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4 Responses to “No purchase necessary…but login is”

  1. Yeah, I drink a lot of Coke Zero these days and “REDEEM THIS CODE ON OUR WEBSITE AFTER YOU SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT” is the same as “THROW ME IN THE GOD DAMN GARBAGE”. I tried it once or twice and it was so annoying I could care less to try it again. I’m not sure how they’re selling any more soda with these prizes.

  2. I just found the same thing on a Circuit City “65” contest. They gave me a leaflet at check out with my very own potentially-winning number on it. All I have to do to see if my number is a winner is to give them my very own demographic information, including *legal* name, not commonly-used name. They specifically point out that the info you provide must match your driver’s license in order to claim a prize. So, if your license says “John P. Doe,” don’t you dare put Johnny, Jack, Paul or JP as your first name.

    And to add insult to injury, I found the sd card at Best Buy $5 cheaper the next day. *sigh* At least I didn’t give up my demos.

  3. That’s nothing! requires you to log in before you can register with them. At least that is my experience.

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