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Beginnger-to-Beginner: Enabling php in Leopard

You want to see some nice tech writing? James Pelow at PHPmac explains how to enable the Leopard apache server to use php. It’s written so clearly, even I could follow the instructions! (Because he wrote this in 2005, you’ll want to change the references to php4 to php5.)

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3 Responses to “Beginnger-to-Beginner: Enabling php in Leopard”

  1. Way back in the day, I myself got a ton of help from an O’Reilly article about how to turn on Apache in OS X.

  2. Thanks!
    everything in the james pelow article works for Leopard except step 3 should now be $ cd /etc/apache2 and not $ cd /etc/httpd

    also for php5 i couldn’t find an equilvalent for
    “# AddModule mod_php4.c” so I skipped it and it worked anyway.

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