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Beginner-to-Beginner: Installing Vista’s Web server and PHP

Vista has an integrated Web server, but it’s off by default. If you want to use your machine as a Web server (I do because I use some javascripts that write to my hard drive and thus need to believe that my hard drive is the Web server they’re running on, and if this is stupid or incredibly insecure please don’t tell me because I think I’ll cry), you have to jump through some hoops.

Unfortunately, they’re invisible hoops. Fortunately, over a year ago, Blondr, in his very first post, explained how to do it, with words and screen captures. Incredibly helpful. And along the way, he even explains how to find the [email protected]#$%-ing Web server control panel: Go to Run and type “InetMgr.exe.”

Once you have it running, pages are served up by default from C:\inetpub\wwwroot. I think. It looks like once you’re in the Web server manager (the IIS Manager), the left-hand panel lets you add sites and specify where those sites live on your hard drive, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Anyway, thanks Blondr! [Tags: ]

6 Responses to “Beginner-to-Beginner: Installing Vista’s Web server and PHP”

  1. I think it should be secure enough in principle, as long as you have your firewall up to prevent it answering calls from outside.

  2. Have you tried WAMP:

  3. I haven’t tried WAMP. I did use XAMPP on the Mac for a while and liked it.

  4. […] Vista has an integrated Web server, but it’s off by default. Joho describes how to enable it on his blog. Link […]

  5. Sounds like a dumb question – but is it only on specific versions of Vista?

    I’m considering an upgrade to Vista and don’t want to come unstuck when my websites no longer run on my PC anymore.

    Thanks in advance. ;o)

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