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TSA blogs, and the populace, disarmed of their 2″ Swiss Army knives, responds

Kudos to the TSA — the airport security folks — for opening up a lively blog.

As the first poster, Kip Hawley, says (and you can read about all the bloggers here):

One of my major goals of 2008 is to get TSA and passengers back on the same side, working together. We need your help to get the checkpoint to be a better environment for us to do our security job and for you to get through quickly and onto your flight. Seems like the way to get that going is for us to open up and hear your feedback…

And if there’s any evidence required that the public wants to engage, that very first post — a mere welcome message — has gotten over 300 comments so far.

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6 Responses to “TSA blogs, and the populace, disarmed of their 2″ Swiss Army knives, responds”

  1. The TSA has to streamline the process of removing a name from their listing. My husband has completed all the forms, several times, and made numerous phone for the past three years and nothing has happened. We get held up leaving the country and held up coming back into the country. Every time a TSA employee hands him paperwork and phone numbers, but no matter how many times he does what they ask nothing changes. How are we suppose to believe that the TSA is making changes for improvement, when they can get their act together?!

  2. I had a Swisstech keychain screwdriver/plyers (about the size of a half dollar). It has traveled around the world with me and been inspected MANY times and passed. Recently I was told that I had to give it up because it was not acceptable. TSA has NO consistancy. Will TSA repremand the other screeners who let it through if it is not acceptable? Or return my “dangerous” keychain screwdriver and repremand the TSA screener who got it wrong? If you are holding your breath, don’t. TSA will do NOTHING. It is a buracuracy, and this is evidence as to it’s lack of accountablity and why it should not be trusted.

  3. Why not have fixed rate postal envelopes available near the security point? They can choose to give up contraband or purchase an envelop and mail it home.

  4. hal2000, dang, great idea… go put it on their site… better say please, sir, thank your sir, though

  5. The airports used to have mailing envelopes but due to the fact that passengers didnt use them, they had to be shut down

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