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Phone company closed on Sundays

After trying the various phone numbers on the AT&T Wireless site, including 1-800-331-0500, 611 from my cellphone, and 800‑288‑2747 from, it seems that AT&T provides no customer service on Sunday. So, if your phone or their software is broken, you are SOL.

Jeez, remember when major corporations acted like major corporations? Or maybe this is how major corporations act.

(There’s gotta be a national security angle to this somewhere. Do terrorists and hurricanes take Sundays off? Yeah, that’s the ticket!) [Tags: ]

2 Responses to “Phone company closed on Sundays”

  1. Don’t kid yourself. AT&T doesn’t provide customer service the other 6 days a week either…. unless you’re signing up for new service!

    I switched my phone service to Vonage and was THRILLED until Comcast took over my cable company. Now my Vonage is far from perfect thanks to the evil Comcast, but at least it’s not with AT&T.

    This is how MONOPOLIES act… even major corporations who have competition can’t survive for long without providing customer service.

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