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I really dislike my live blogging. I do it partly out of laziness and partly because I have a touch of the ol’ OCD. (Laziness because doing drafts is harder than spewing.)

But since I seem to do a fair bit of live blogging, next time I may try Cover It Live, which lets you embed a live coverage tool in your blog. Looks interesting. [Tags: ]

8 Responses to “Cover It Live”

  1. Well, we out in cyberspace appreciate your efforts. It’s nice to have a near-realtime transcript. :-)

    But, obviously, “live-blogging” is an oxymoron, since you need the text to go forwards, not reverse. It was only a matter of time before someone (such as Cover It Live) came around and figured out an engineered solution. They just need to devise a new verb.

    And also, I expect that liveblogging (aka Broadcast IM) would become a value-added service that news/content companies would provide to subscribers. Just as well, I wonder how much bandwidth & cycles are wasted on browsers refreshing the page.

    I expect that in the future, Berkman will relieve of you from the burden of transcribing (so that you can do live-commentary). They can get dictation software; I imagine you can run these in parallel (one per speaker), and use some reCaptcha-like capability to allow a crowd of helpers to corrent the syntax.


  2. I used Cover It Live to liveblog the birth of our 4th baby. Yes, that’s right. It was great to use. I also used it at SoCon08 in Atlanta. I like the application and will use it every chance I get.
    I also posted a fairly long review and write-up of my impressions of it:

  3. wondering: sternographers for lifeblogging?…

  4. For what it’s worth, one of the edubloggers I follow used this recently, and I discovered that Cover It Live does not display in NetNewsWire.

  5. Yes, outstanding job. Thanks a lot.

  6. @Jon: couldn’t agree more on the verbage issue. had a good discussion on the use of the word “live blogging” with Bruno Giussani after i read his document on the subject. Our problem was, the marketing effort required to invent a new term (we tried ‘altcasting’ like ‘alternative’ and ‘broadcasting’) and get people to understand your software was an immense challenge. once we started saying, “live blogging 2.0″…they understood what we were trying to do. so, i’m kind of stuck with it until someone more big and powerful bestows a new term on us…lol.

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  8. I’m a little late to the ‘party’ , but since we are on the topic, I think you should give a try when you decide to use a live blogin tool

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