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How Stonehenge was made

It came to me as if in a dream. They constructed Stonehenge by digging holes in the ground, dropping slabs into them, laying the crosspieces on the ground, and then excavating around the whole shebang.

Or, possibly, Superman built it for them. [Tags: ]

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  1. “ridiculous theories?” I don’t think that’s far from what archaeologists suspect happened, at least as far as the erection of the posts.

  2. Really?? I thought I was making it up.

  3. Don’t forget the low friction provided by ice (frozen rivers/lakes/ponds) and snow (sleds) in terms of moving megaliths hundreds of miles around the country.

    Digging a hole, letting it fill with water, freeze in the winter, and then sliding a monolith over it could also be a technique. As could building icy ramps out of snow. When you have a vast amount of manual labour, ice and snow there’s quite a lot of things you can do with it (that magically disappear in the spring).

  4. Think stonehenge from spinal tap.

  5. So, Tyler, your theory is that Stonehenge is actually 18 inches high? And people are just standing closer than they think?

    It’d certainly simplify the logistics.

  6. it is huge my aunt was there

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  8. My name is Poop It Tastes Good

  9. Hey everyone,

    I think I may be able to add a bit about Stone Henge. My name is Yvette and I work with the Smithsonian Channel whose partnering with the BBC and helping with their online coverage of the first dig in 50 years at Stone Henge.
    We have a landing page here with daily video updates and discoveries and even more timely info:

    Also, the Executive Producer of the Channel, David Royle, is live blogging from Stonehenge with video feeds for the next few days.

    I hope you take a look and let me know what you think!

  10. The Smithsonian doesn’t let people from outside the USA contribute to their website. Which means they are missing out on some very important new developments re Stonehenge. A new book written by an archaeologist will shake out few major misconceptions, see:

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