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Least neutral Net ever.

I was pretty excited about finding myself on a “BetaBlue” JetBlue plane because they touted it as providing free inflight email and more.

It turns out that above 10,000 feet you can indeed do email and more, so long as your email is a Yahoo email account and the more is Yahoo instant messaging. No browsing, no one else’s email or IM.

I really don’t understand JetBlue’s thinking on this. They’re likely to annoy more passengers than they please, some of whom will be petty enough to write snarky blog posts. without even mentioning that they’re posting their snarkiness via the excellent free wifi JetBlue provides at its Long Beach gates.

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2 Responses to “Least neutral Net ever.”

  1. As a passenger you’re part of a captive market of consumers who will consume anything consumable. Yahoo provide a free e-mail service for BetaBlue as long as they have an exclusive deal – which unfortunately means that access to any other Internet service provider must be denied. But, hey, at least this way you get free e-mail. Remember, you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

    I was with BT, and then much against my will and preference (without even so much as asking me) I was ‘upgraded’ to Yahoo’s fantastic feature packed services. No-one could understand why I didn’t want to receive the advantage of this great opportunity and free upgrade. I just want Internet access goddamit. You can take your Yahoo bumper bundle of value ‘added’ crud and shove it.

    For those who aren’t still wet behind the ears gift horses are unwelcome liabilities with expensive dental bills, and impossible to dispose of.

    “Free inflight e-mail and more” is getting close to misselling.

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