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Israel is a low-down, stinkin’ appeaser

Israel is talking with Syria. And Israel is secretly talking with Hamas. So, why aren’t Senators McCain and Clinton denouncing Israel, for it’s obvious that talking with your enemies is precisely the same thing as appeasing them, surrendering to them, and rooting for them.

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4 Responses to “Israel is a low-down, stinkin’ appeaser”

  1. the feather is mightier than the sword. even if the peace talks don’t bring a result, at least in the meantime no innocent civillians are bombed to death.

  2. Ok, I’m going to add a “sarcasm” tag, just in case it wasn’t obvious enough that I actually favor talking with one’s enemies.

  3. GREAT catch, David!

  4. i have read that little six letter word in the newspaper EVERY BLOODY DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! no wonder i am getting fed up with israel. what a pissant little country

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