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Coach potatoes in the age of YouTube?

Would we not then be YouTubers?

(Amazingly, the query youtuber “coach potato” only turns up 4 hits, none of which are making this bad joke. Am I getting my Google syntax wrong??)

(And if it’s not clear why it’s a joke at all, look up “tuber.” See? Hahaha.)

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8 Responses to “Coach potatoes in the age of YouTube?”

  1. David, I think it’s a spelling thing — the query youtube “couch potato” gets a lot of hits.

  2. Yes, Frank, but I was googling to see how many people had made the “youtuber” joke.

  3. It’s even more true in China, where their YouTube equivalent (which looks like a Digg knockoff) is called TuDou, which means…potato. I think you’re on to something…

  4. Oops, I missed making the point entirely by leaving off that “r” in my comment. Much slapping of forehead here…. Indeed I did query youtuber “coach…” and youtuber “couch and could locate no one who had made the “youtuber” joke besides you. In my own elliptical way I was pointing to the difference between coach and couch, wondering if some kind of slant rhymed mondegreen was in play. Perhaps regional variations in pronunciation make “coach” and “couch” homonyms, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some of my best friends are homonymic.

    Ah well, you say potaytoe, and I say potahtoe.

  5. so there must be a connection between
    “couch surfing” and french fries too

    no ?

  6. If you search for “youtuber potato” you do find a number of people who’ve made the connection. (one of the comments)

    That’s as far as I got before I got bored :)

  7. Aha! I continued to misread my typo until you pushed my eyeball right up against it.

  8. fx比較

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