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e-Journalism links

Some sites that have come up at a confab in progress at the Berkman Center about sustainable models for journalism: for public support of particular stories

Jay Rosen’sKiyoshi Martinez’s

Dan Gillmor on helping the almost-journalists

The “iTunes of journalism”: Mochila

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7 Responses to “e-Journalism links”

  1. Not being webcast is it? There are tantalizing info bits on twitter right now re. the BBC and their intelligence connections, the Economist and their private intel revenue model… I’d like to learn more.

  2. Frank, sorry, but it’s not being webcast. It’s about twenty people sitting around a table, and in this case keeping the door pretty much closed (although it’s obviously bloggable) seems to help develop the quick intimacy the discussion needs.

  3. Thanks for the info, and for sharing those links.

  4. David… In my new company People Networks, we are working on a project called “JuiceTorrent” which should have some applicability in terms of new revenue models for independent journalism. It is in a stealth mode for now. I hope to have something to share and discuss publicly in a month or two.

  5. Jay Rosen’s Its not mine. A blogger did it after one of the Tweets inspired him. It’s his site: Kiyoshi Martinez.

  6. I’m fixing the post, Jay. Thanks.

    Emil, I look forward to seeing JuiceTorrent when it’s ripe and ready.

  7. David… JuiceTorrent may not be ripe… but is ready:

    Here is a post on my blog about it:

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