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Crowdsourcing cliches

I’m reading a pretty bad serial killer book by a well-known writer in the genre.

The first chapter describes a brutal killing by an unnamed gent.

The second chapter beings with a description of the hero doing something illustrative of her character. In this case, she’s jogging, pushing her physical limits, reminiscing about her time as an Olympic rower, yada yada.

The first words of that second chapter are our hero’s name.

I’m wondering how many other books begin exactly and precisely this way, right down to the hero’s name showing up as the very first words.

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5 Responses to “Crowdsourcing cliches”

  1. I read a lot of summer fiction of the type you describe but I won’t pick up an other David Baldacci.

  2. Wait, what book has an ex-Olympic rower as a protagonist?

  3. I am wondering why you would read a bad book?

  4. It’s a David Baldacci, as Dennis recognized. “Hour Game.” It seems to be a sequel.

    I’m reading a bad book because some of them I like. I won’t be reading this one for long. It’s sucking more mightily with each breath. (I am also reading some very excellent books.)

  5. Oh, I remember reading that. In between non-fiction stuff about the web or bio’s I like to squeeze novels by Lee Child or Baldacci. Sometimes very predictable, yes. But mostly entertaining. And yes, I read some better books, too.

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