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Garfield minus Garfield

I hadn’t heard of this highly existential and meaningful comic strip until I read a comment about a BoingBoing piece on a different strip that it calls the worst ever.


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6 Responses to “Garfield minus Garfield”

  1. it basically makes Garfield 1,000% better without Garfield… (if that sentence makes any sense.)

  2. It’s also an encouraging example of how someone who could have launched a copyright suit didn’t, and how this resulted in a creative collaboration between the original artist, and the “pirate.” Say what you will about Jim Davis’s creation, he himself is a good sport.

  3. In conjunction with Garfield’s 30th anniversary, there’s going to be a print collection of G-G strips, which will include the original Garfield strips next to the edited ones.

  4. Garfield is hilarious the way it is. The G-G is way to dark and depressing. The lovable fat cat lightens the mood and makes it funnier!!!!

  5. […] Garfield minus Garfield […]

  6. Someone digitally took out garfield from the entire Thanksgiving Special. It’s called An Arbuckle Thanksgiving, and it’s absolutely ridiculous. Who would take the time to do this??? The endings are pretty cool though.

    The same guy did it to the Christmas Special too. weeeirddd and creeeepppyyy

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