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Twitter vs. IRC for Convention groupsnark?

I love Twitter, but I’m wondering whether it’s the right tool for getting together to do a group-watch (we’ll laugh, we’ll cry) of the Democratic convention tonight. Would old-fashioned IRC be better?

I like IRC as a way of watching an event together. So, suppose I set up irc:// tonight and opened it to anyone who wanted to join. As opposed to Twitter, the group would be smaller, it would consist of people who were there only to talk about the convention, and it would encourage more back and forth because the set of readers is the same as the set of potential writers. (With Twitter, the people you read don’t necessarily read you.)

On the other hand, Twitter brings together unexpected people who are highly unlikely to jump into any one IRC chat, especially mine. On Twitter, I’ll be able to read running commentary from Joe Trippi and Michael Turk (Democratic and Republican Net strategists). I can pretty well guarantee that neither will show up to an IRC chat that I throw.

So, I’m not sure what to do…

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Dave Winer’s got an IRC going right now. He’s at the convention as a blogger…

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3 Responses to “Twitter vs. IRC for Convention groupsnark?”

  1. Dave Winer had also opened one

  2. I can’t speak for Joe since he’s in Denver and doing DNC things, but I might be open to stopping by. In my case it would mostly depend on when the kiddos go to bed and I get off the treadmill, since I’ve recently begun an effort to get in some shape other than “pear”.

  3. Watching Twitter and Daily Kos comments plus the online version of C-SPAN – I think I got the whole picture, and it was truly moving to be hearing all of those comments from people I didn’t know during your Senator’s speech.


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