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Ballpark, see “out of”

I may get around to blogging about Michelle Obama’s speech. I’m still floored.

You can see the entire speech here. [Tags: ]

5 Responses to “Ballpark, see “out of””

  1. Unelected but capable spouse supports politician husband, shock.

  2. She was terrific looking and did a great job, and the kids were cute as buttons: “Where ARE you Daddy?”

    But I was more moved by Carolyn Kennedy being interviewed by Brian Williams, who tried to draw her into moaning about the emotional weight of being a Kennedy and she said politely something like, Well, what really matters is the party. And while I don’t agree about it being the party, I do agree that it’s not the sob stories and the physical attractiveness but something else– the issues– that we ought to be paying attention to.

  3. I like her, I hope Barack can manage to not get caught cheating on her.

  4. she’s so adorable!
    but… couldn’t she have avoided pulling the ol’ “I’ll never forget the single-mother with Leukemia and a 2-headed half-lizard alien toddler with an oxygen allergy who told me _____”… just seems that that card is being pulled so so so WAYTOOMUCH. (At least this is the pattern that emerges when you listen to all the speeches back to back)

  5. cool pics

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